L’apprentissage de l’anglais aéronautique aux anglophones

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Features of aviation English include:

  • a distinct structure of call, response and readback, in the case of pilot-ATC communication
  • a distinctive internal structure in utterances. For pilots contacting ATC this structure is: receiving station—transmitting station—call-sign—position altitude, intentions, e.g. ‘Bankstown Tower, Tomahawk, India Alpha Delta, 2RN, 1500, inbound’
  • readback of messages to ensure comprehension as transmitted
  • dropping of verbs such as join, report and maintain
  • formal politeness. Although not specified or required, messages are often preceded by a greeting and concluded with thanks. This element is sometimes communicated in local languages: a French controller addressing an aircraft in English will sometimes begin with bonjour, a German may say guten tag, and an Australian may say g’day.

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