20 miniutes de spotting à Heathrow

Antarctique: atterrissages et décollages

La philosophie ULM

Aviation: brèves séquences

Catapulte pour l’espace

SpaceX has brought down the price of delivering payloads to low earth orbit to under $3000 per kg, but even a small satellite still costs over $1 million. A company called SpinLaunch proposes to lower costs further by flinging the things into space on a giant centrifuge. At a certain…

Un A-350 au Japon

Des films sur l’aviation

Source: Info Pilote…

Cargolux à Anchorage

Autres photos du même photographe https://www.jetphotos.com/photographer/86666/photos?…

Un AW101 Merlin à “Mach Loop”

Wales “Mach Loop”: 04/2022

https://www.steehouwer.com/galleries/2022/wales-lfa-7-april-2022-uk/ The Mach Loop (also known as the Machynlleth Loop) is a series of valleys in the United Kingdom in west-central Wales, notable for their use as low-level training areas for fast jet aircraft and propeller-driven aircraft.The system of valleys lies 13 km (8 mi) east of Barmouth…
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