Voler à 55 Kmh ?

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Lire sur aerovfr

Sur le Helio Courrier : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helio_Courier



In 1949, Koppen, and Lynn Bollinger formed the Helio Corporation of Massachusetts. They developed a « helioplane » prototype for a cost of 6000 dollars that was built based on a modified Piper Vagabond with a short wing, with leading edge slats, with high lift and STOL capabilities.[13] Greater Boston Metropolitan Airport fixed-base operator, E.W. Wiggins Airways converted the Piper PA-17 Vagabond with volunteer assistance to make the 2-place Helio No.1.[14] Koppen also served as test pilot. This aircraft was the basis for the Helio Courier series of aircraft. The Helio Aircraft Corporation was formed in 1950 after merging with Midwest Aircraft Corporation, the company produced a variety of types for the Navy.[15][16] The prototype aircraft « Helio-1 » has been donated the National Air and Space Museum in 1963.