Pour remplacer le Continental O-200

Posted on 18/02/2020 by


On en parle pour le Ranger : https://lf5422.com/?s=Ranger

Features of the new engine include:

  • Monolithic aluminum cylinders
  • Eight cylinder hold-down studs
  • Electronic ignition coil packs
  • High strength-and-stiffness crankcase cast from a premium heat-treated alloy
  • Optimised multi-gallery lubrication system with full-flow spin-on filter, oil cooler ports, and integrated oil thermostat
  • Custom-designed high-strength, high-stiffness crankshaft that has an integrated 4-inch propeller extension, allowing better cowling aerodynamics
  • High-strength H-beam connecting rods
  • Pistons forged from a high-strength aluminum alloy (developed by Rolls-Royce for aircraft engines)
  • Electronically-controlled fuel injection and ignition, with optimised maps.