NTSB: le crash d’un 767 en 2019

Posted on 10/01/2021 by




A few seconds before the start of the dive, the airplane, which was flying on autopilot and autothrottles, had shifted into go-around mode, adding power and pitching up. The first officer, who was the pilot flying, was taken by surprise; he believed the airplane was stalling and pushed it over into a dive. Bafflement, confusion and panic reigned in the cockpit. A few seconds before impact, when the airplane emerged from the 3,000-foot cloud deck and its attitude became apparent, both pilots hauled back on the control column in an effort to recover, but it was too late. The 767, pulling 4 Gs, was still 16 degrees nose down when it struck the water.

The cockpit voice recorder stored those final chaotic seconds.