Cessna, Lycoming: OK pour le “unleaded”



Cessna singles OK to use unleaded fuel

By Dave Calderwood | 26th October 2021 10:16 Europe/London

Cessna 172 182 206

It’s OK to use unleaded and very low lead avgas in three popular Cessna single-engine piston aircraft following a series of tests by engine maker Lycoming.

Textron Aviation, which owns both Cessna and Lycoming, said owners and operators of Cessna’s 172 Skyhawk and 182 Skylane can utilize 91-octane unleaded (91UL), 94UL or 100VLL (very low lead) fuel in their aircraft wherever it is available.

The 206 Turbo Stationair HD aircraft is approved for 100VLL.

Cessna’s Chris Crow said, ”Textron Aviation is committed to sustainability, and this announcement is an excellent opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to minimize their carbon footprint while continuing to enjoy the journey of flight.

“We have produced more than 75,000 of these three piston aircraft models, and this gives owners and operators around the world a chance to take action in reducing emissions.”

Lycoming recently approved the use of unleaded and lower-leaded fuels after completion of a series of tests. The fuel is compatible for both new production and legacy Cessna piston aircraft.

Operators may begin use of the alternative fuels once they are compliant with Service Bulletin SEB-28-04 or MEB-28-01.