Un casque léger et “bluetooth”

… et relativement peu cher

Soon after Paul’s review of the CQ1 headset landed designer Scott Card wrote to say the company had added a new model to the line: a Bluetooth-capable CQ.

If you’d told me a few years ago that Bluetooth was a game-changer in headsets, I probably would have yawned. But now I’m convinced that it’s a truly useful technology, allowing connection to your phone, music source or tablet for all things audio. I tend to use my Bluetooth-enabled headset for advisories from ForeFlight as well as talking to ATC via cell phone from the ground.

The CQ1 Bluetooth headset starts at $675 and includes a custom Bluetooth module, not an “off the shelf” option. It can be ordered in black or orange, with the microphone on the left or right side (left side only for the orange headband) and with either standard aviation plugs or the smaller LEMO plug. The Bluetooth module uses an internal rechargeable battery rejuvenated with a USB-C connection. More at www.cqheadset.com.