Aware GPS : un outil spécialisé pour mieux respecter les zones contrôlés

Aware GPS – Controlled Airspace Warning Device
Cet outil relativement peu cher (dans les 400 euros avec les cartes OACI ou Jeppesen) a été conçu par le National Air Traffic Service (NATS) et la société Airbox pour avertir les pilotes des zones diverses et multiples qu’ils doivent respecter en vol. Il est recommandé par le BMAA (équivalent britannique de la FFPLUM) pour éviter les infractions.
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Private Pilots will soon have access to an affordable touch screen device loaded with a CAA approved chart which incorporates a definitive controlled airspace database.

The Airspace Awareness Device – AWARE has been designed by the and offers, for the first time, a low cost 4.3″ colour touch screen device that will alert pilots and so prevent them flying into controlled airspace.

Each unit comes pre-loaded with a 1:500,000 chart and a navigation pack can be added which provides for destination and waypoints to be entered and track, bearing, groundspeed, distance and ETE to be displayed. An internal battery will power the device for approximately 2hrs but cockpit power is recommended.
The base Aware unit costs £149 inc VAT, the Aware unit with navigation comes in at £249 and you can upgrade a base unit to add navigation for £119. All airspace warning updates are provided free of charge and charts can be updated at extra cost as desired.

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Source : Aviation et Pilote, 08-2010