A quoi bon un commandant de bord sur 737 ?

Le PDG de Ryanair a proposé de supprimer la/le co-pliote et de la/le remplacer par un « foutu » computer avec toutefois une formation accélérée à une hôtesse de l’air en cas de besoin.
Et pourquoi ne pas supprimer carrément le commandant de bord ? Boeing va transformer en drone quelques 126 vieux F16. Pourquoi ne pourrait-il pas le faire pour des 737 ? Curieux qu’O’Leary ne le propose pas (encore).
O’Leary: Ditch co-pilot, let the bloody computer fly the plane
“Let’s take out the second pilot. Let the bloody computer fly it,” O’Leary told Bloomberg Businessweek, adding that a flight attendant on each flight could be trained to help land a plane if something goes wrong.
“If the pilot has an emergency, he rings the bell, he calls her in,” O’Leary told the magazine. “She could take over.”
NB : O’Leary est PDG, pardon « CEO » de la célèbre compagnie low-cost Ryanair.
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ST. LOUIS, March 9, 2010 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] has been awarded a U.S. Air Force contract worth approximately $69.7 million for the initial engineering, manufacturing and development of QF-16 Full Scale Aerial Targets to replace the QF-4 fleet. Under the terms of the remainder of the contract, expected to be awarded in coming years, up to 126 QF-16 drones will deliver beginning in 2014.
Boeing engineers and support personnel will convert retired F-16 aircraft into QF-16s for use as aerial targets for newly developed weapons and tactics. The drones, which will be equipped to evaluate how U.S. fighters and weapons will operate against potential adversaries, will be flown within a controlled range and used for testing. They will be able to fly either manned or unmanned.

QF-4 en service actuellement comme drone-cible

QF-16 (F-16 transformé en drone par Boeing)