Rotax: un bulletin de service à lire

Rotax releases a MANDATORY Alert Service Bulletin

ASB-912-060/914-043 Checking of the oil pump fixing bolts for correct torque

This Alert Service Bulletin affects a small number of recently produced 912 & 914 series engines which may have an issue with inadequate torque on the oil pump fixation bolts. Checking of these fixation bolts for correct torque and any signs of oil leakage must be conducted before next engine run or flight. Serial numbers of engines affected can be found within the Bulletin for your specific 912 or 914 engine series type. If your engine was produced before September 2011, it is not affected by this ASB. In any case, the engine serial number is always the final reference.

To better assist Owners and Operators in understanding and complying with this Critical to Safety ASB, Rotax-Owner has released a FREE video covering the specific details of the ASB itself.

FREE Expanded Instruction Video.
Video describing detailed steps in performing oil pump inspection and if required, valve train inspection on engines affected by ASB-912-060/914-043

Compliance to this ASB for engines affected is Critical to Safety, for more information “click here”.