De la buée dans votre cockpit ? Attention, cela peut coûter cher

… mieux vaut ouvrir et avoir un peu froid. Mais difficile sur un F-16

Surprising Cause of Oshkosh F-16 Runway Overrun

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Investigators said “extreme fogging” in the cockpit led to the fighter overrunning Runway 36 at Wittman Regional Airport by 300 feet, causing more than $5 million in damage to the F-16. The Air Combat Command Accident Investigation Board in Hampton, Virginia, said the pilot’s visual cues were completely obscured by fogging as he approached to land on the 8,000-foot runway and that there was little he could do to prevent the accident from occurring. The board also noted that the pilot briefly considered ejecting but feared for the safety of EAA AirVenture spectators nearby.