“down under” : presque 12 000 Km et 50 h de vol pour traverser le Pacifique sur un Virus SW 914

CROSSING OF THE PACIFIC – FINISHED!!! De conception (Chili) à la Nouvelle-Zélande
Source: www.worldgreenflight.com

“Down under” signifie “aux antipodes”

Matevž has crossed the Pacific Ocean. Alone, in small ultralight plane Virus SW 914.
He took off from Concepcion, Chile, and the first stage was 3,700 km to Easter Island. It took him 15 hours and 04 minutes and the flight was relatively peaceful and uneventful.
In the second stage, he flew from Easter Island to Totegegie, which is 2,271 km away. By the end of that second stage he ran into a storm which was very very difficult and for all was big relief seeing him landing.
The third stage was towards Tahiti with 1,692 km and 6 hours and 20 minutes of flight.
Fourth stage was slightly shorter to the Cook Islands. The flight distance was 1,140 km and Matevž needed 4h and 30 minutes.
Few minutes ago, we have just witnessed the last, fifth incredibly stage, which was 3,098 km long and Matevž needed around 13 hours to reach New Zeland.
All together, in crossing South Pacific Ocean Matevž flew 11,901 km and that took him around 50 flight hours.