Italie: taxation des aéronefs, même pour les visiteurs

EAS members may be aware that on 27 December 2011 Italy adopted law n.214 putting forward several taxes as part of the country’s efforts to reduce its fiscal deficit. Among many other things this law introduces a property tax on privately owned aircraft according to their Maximum Take Off Mass (MTOM).

Furthermore, it introduces a flat annual tax of EUR 450 for gliders, motor-gliders, gyrocopters, balloons and airships.

The tax applies to all aircraft owned by Italian citizens regardless of where the aircraft is registered, and to visiting aircraft (14-bis) if they stay in Italy for a time exceeding 48 hours. The tax can be very substantial, starting with EUR 1,50/kg – annually – for a MTOM up to 1.000kg, increasing to EUR 7,55 for MTOM exceeding 10.000kg.

Italie-Members Communication Italian luxury tax 2 March 12