Virus SW en Australie à Uluru – Ayers Rock

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Il a déjà volé sur quelques 58 000 km durant environ 236 h, consommant en moyenne un peu moins de 19 litres/heure à la vitesse de 246 km/h.
Encore 30 000 km à faire avant de revenir en Slovénie.

Matevz already has passed almost two thirds of the planned route. According to our calculations he successfully flew 57,682 km and spent 235 hours and 48 minutes in the air. According to the information available to us his aircraft consumed around 4400 liters of fuel. His journey across Australia will largely depend on the weather, because of the weather conditions he already had to cancel planned landing in Canberra. Today at 21:00 UTC flight from Jacobs Well, Heck Field Airport to Ayers Rock Connellan Airport is scheduled.

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