Stratolaunch : Paul Allen (ex-Microsoft) et Burt Rutan

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CNET source: Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen forms Stratolaunch Systems with Burt Rutan. The company plans to build the largest aircraft ever made, and one capable of quick turnarounds on orbital flights.


An artist’s rendering of the new launch craft and spaceship from Paul Allen and Burt Rutan’s new company, Stratolaunch Systems.

(Credit: Stratolaunch Systems)

Billionaire Paul Allen today announced his grand ambition for the next generation of manned space travel: the largest aircraft ever built, which would be capable of orbital missions with quick turnarounds, greater safety, and better cost-effectiveness than anything previously launched.

At a press conference this morning in Seattle, Allen–a co-founder of Microsoft–along with Burt Rutan unveiled their new company, Stratolaunch Systems. Allen and Rutan previously collaborated on the creation of SpaceShipOne, which won the Ansari X Prize for being the first privately funded spacecraft to leave the Earth’s atmosphere
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