Le Bonanza, une « bonne affaire » chinoise ?

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Hawker Beechcraft rachetée par une société chinoise, voir www.flyingmag.com/news/hawker-beechcraft-be-bought-chinese-firm

Hawker Beechcraft on Monday announced an exclusivity agreement with Superior Aviation Beijing Co. in a deal that, if completed, will allow the Chinese-based company to acquire Hawker Beechcraft for a purchase price of $1.79 billion.

Voir aussi http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/hawker-beechcraft-announces-179-billion-sale-to-chinese-firm-to-support-ongoing-operations/2012/07/09/gJQATjE5YW_story.html

The sale does not include Hawker Beechcraft Defense Co., which will remain a separate entity.

Voir quelques avions emblématiques de Beechcraft sur http://www.flyingmag.com/photo-gallery/photos/hawker-beechcraft-through-years?pnid=31861

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