Coanda …. et la portance

Wikipedia un extrait :

The Coandă effect has important applications in various high-lift devices on aircraft, where air moving over the wing can be “bent down” towards the ground using flaps and a jet sheet blowing over the curved surface of the top of the wing. The bending of the flow results in aerodynamic lift.[4] The flow from a high speed jet engine mounted in a pod over the wing produces increased lift by dramatically increasing the velocity gradient in the shear flow in the boundary layer. In this velocity gradient particles are blown away from the surface, thus lowering the pressure there.

Des adresses sur l’effet Coanda

Des fiches sur quelques avions de transport à décollage très court


Bréguet 941
Bréguet 941
Antonov An-72
Antonov An-72


Un document à lire sur les effets Bernoulli, Coanda … sur la portance


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