Des applis météo marines pour tablette iPad ou Android

Mais utiles aussi dans certains cas pour l’aviation

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Extrait de PocketGrib ( )

What is GRIB?

GRIB (GRIdded Binary) is a concise data format commonly used in meteorology to store and distribute historical and forecast weather data.

Which weather parameters can PocketGrib display?

PocketGrib can display the following data layers from GRIB files:

  • Wind speed and direction – displayed using feathered wind arrows – a small barb is 5 knots, each long barb is 10 knots and a solid triangle barb is 50 knots.
  • Pressure at sea level – displayed using isobars at 4hPa (mb) increments
  • Precipitation – units are mm or inches of rain per hour
  • Air temperature – this is displayed as a colored layer – units are ceslsius, farenheit or kelvin
  • Wave height, direction and period – the arrow head shows the direction and the size of the arrow head indicates the wave height which get bigger for bigger wave height
  • Cloud cover – as a percentage displayed in shades of white
  • Relative Humidity – as a percentage displayed in shaded green
  • CAPE (convective atmospheric potential energy) – displayed as a colored layer – units are J/kg – higher levels of this indicate atmospheric instability which can result in severe weather

PocketGrib demo