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e-Go looking for crowdfunding, à lire sur http://ukga.com/news/view?contentId=32352

Une pratique courante chez les anglo-saxons maos pas sur le continent


SSDR-UK-TL 2.17 Operating Deregulated Microlights

Flight trials and ground testing of the e-Go prototype continues as a prelude to starting production in the fourth quarter of 2014. Customer deliveries are planned for first quarter 2015 at a sales cost of around £50,000 + VAT.


Un microlight, c’est quoi ? http://www.bumble-bee.demon.co.uk/Misc_info/A_Beginners_Guide_to_Microlights.htm

La norme Single-Seat De-Regulated  de moins de 120 Kg, voir le PDF « SSDR-UK … »SSDR-UK-TL 2.17 Operating Deregulated Microlights

Un forum sur le sujet http://www.microlightforum.com/forumdisplay.php?142-Single-Seat-Deregulated