Daher-Socata a livré 40 TBM 850 en 2013

Soit 5% de mieux par rapport à 2012

20% du marché des avions de cette catégorie

662 avions livrés depuis le début dont 338 du modèle 850

While the majority of TBM 850s purchased in 2013 were sold on the U.S. market (72 percent), strong levels of activity also were logged in other regions. Europe accounted for 10 percent of the deliveries, with France taking the lead in this region for the first time since the TBM 700’s introduction. Latin America represented 7.5 percent of TBM 850 deliveries, with these aircraft handed over in Brazil, Chile and Mexico. In addition to a TBM 850 provided for Australia, the aircraft’s global scope expanded in 2013 as Saudi Arabia became the first Middle East country to welcome a TBM.

Source: http://www.tbm850.com

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