600 Sinus-Virus produits chez Pipistrel en Slovénie

Pipistrel Completes 600th Aircraft From The Sinus/Virus Family. All Production Slots For 2014 Already Sold Out

The 600th airplane from Pipistrel’s Sinus/Virus family has been completed and rolled out of the company’s production facility.

The aircraft will be shipped to its new owner in Australia.

The company used the occasion to take a photo of the entire 80 member team, along with Australian distributer Michael Coates, with the airplane. Coates has been a Pipistrel distributor for over 15 years and was chosen as the “Distributor of the year” in 2012.

Pipistrel to date has produced, together with other aircraft models and powered hang-gliders, well over 1200 different aircraft, and Michael Coates can claim over 100 of those sales with his team of promoters and sub-dealers on two continents. The Pipistrel network of distributors and promoters spreads over more than 40 countries and their aircraft fly in 67 countries so far.

The manufacturing of this milestone aircraft is one of the achievements that will mark the celebration of 25th anniversary of Pipistrel this year. Special events, achievements and world record attempts will follow throughout the year.

The company’s entire yearly production for 2014 has already been sold out, so the 700th Pipistrel will also be produced this year.

FMI: www.pipistrel.si

Et un vol en Sinus vol à voile à plus de 7000 mètres: voir http://www.pipistrel.si/extras/extreme-flights/record-attempt-sinus-glides-to7036-m-in-greece