Quel iPad acheter pour un usage aéro?

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Un mini Retina de 32 GB WiFI seulement avec un GPS externe

Based on our experiences flying with each model of iPad, we think the Wifi-only 32GB iPad Mini with retina display is the ideal choice for use in the cockpit. The iPad Mini’s smaller footprint allows for plenty of mounting options, and the 32GB storage size allows you to store charts for the entire U.S. and still have room for your other apps and media. We’ve found the reliability and performance of external GPS receivers to be far superior to the internal option, and they’re available for under $100–less than the upgrade to the cellular model. For the ultimate setup, we recommend adding a wireless ADS-B receiver, like Stratus, which provides subscription-free in-flight weather and WAAS GPS position data.

C’est un point de vue américain.
Quant à moi, je milite pour le iPad Mini mais avec 3G car les WiFI sont rares sur nos bases ULM si l’on veut consulter la météo…