Un Boeing 777-200ER disparait

Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-has-one-of-asias-best-safety-records/

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The Boeing 777-200ER has a range of 7,725 miles (14,305 km) and a cruising speed of Mach 0.84, or about 640 miles per hour, according to Boeing.

The Boeing 777 has one of the best safety records of any commercial aircraft in service.The first serious incident took place in January 2008, when a British Airways 777-200ER crash-landed just short of London’s Heathrow airport, injuring 45 people.
In July 2011, an Egypt Air 777-200ER had a fire in the cockpit while parked at a gate in Cairo and was evacuated without injuries.
Both aircraft were written off.The only fatal crash so far came on July 6 last year when Asiana Airlines flight 214 struck a seawall on landing in San Francisco. Of 307 people aboard, three died and more than 180 were injured.The crash investigation, while still ongoing, has so far indicated no mechanical failure and focused on the pilots’ failure to recognize that the plane was flying too low and too slowly as it approached the runway.


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