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  •  Israel – A number of Gulfstream G550 platforms with EL/W-2085 radar, called “Nahshon-Eitam” or “Eitam“.
  •  Italy – In 2012 after Israel has chosen the Italian M-346, Italy ordered two G550-based AEW&C systems for an industrial counterpart. The cost of the two systems is around USD 750 millions [5]
  •  Singapore – Four Gulfstream G550 platforms in service. Each costing approx USD 375 million.[6][7]
  •  United States – The US Navy announced its will purchase a Gulfstream G550 modified to carry the conformal airborne early warning system (CAEW), with Elta Systems, which is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Systems, is the prime contractor and systems integrator for the G550 CAEW aircraft.[8]

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