Sinus ou Virus avec pilote en option

Le modèle : Pipistrel Surveyor
Et pourquoi donc mettre un pilote dedans ? En version drone, il a une plus grande autonomie ou une plus grand charge utile.
The Surveyor is a special program where we have developed aircraft for special operations including aerial photography, 3-D mapping and other surveillance and border protection type operations. The surveyor program offers an aircraft platform with high takeoff weights and massive endurance using fuel loads up to 350 litres and carrying a wide variety of special payloads. Dozens of Pipistrel surveyor aircraft are in operation and already delivered around the world to many government and military contract organisations.
The Pipistrel Surveyor is not a proof of concept or a wish list development like what’s being offered by many manufacturers. The Pipistrel Surveyor is a real aircraft, available now, customised to your specific mission with the ability to be operated as UAV or OPV and carry a huge variety of payloads.  Make sure to visit and find out more details about the capabilities of these unique aircraft.
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