Pipistrel va produire à Gorizia (It)

Au nord de Trieste, à deux pas de la frontière avec la Slovénie et à 25 km de l’implantation actuelle

Mais http://www.sloveniatimes.com/pipistrel-s-facility-in-gorizia-vandalised-again

L’annonce de la construction en 2012

Pipistrel is proud to announce that on Friday, 24. February 2012 the first ground works for the new Italian Pipistrel facility have begun on schedule at airport Gorizia, Italy just 15 miles away from the Pipistrel Headquarters in Slovenia. The new facility will be built at the Duca d’Aosta airport next to Gorizia on a location which has previously been used by Pipistrel.

The area where the factory will be located was heavily bombed during the WW1, so it is subject to a law which requires compulsory sanitizing before the beginning of any construction. A local certified company will accomplish this by removing all the vegetation and the entire top layer of soil in the coming months. When the sanitizing process is finished, the construction will begin. 

Le déminage du terrain de Gorizia, lire sur http://www.pipistrel.si/news/big-bang-at-the-site-of-pipistrels-new-factory-in-italy . Lors de la première guerre mondiale, la region a été très touchée.

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