Un planeur sans manche à balai : une histoire vraie

An 18 year old newer pilot was flying in a glider competition in a Zuni sailplane and the stick broke off in his hand at around 10,000 ft! I retell the story of what happened while flying my ASW27 out of Utah. When this event happened, I was on the ground at the El Tiro glider port visiting the soaring competition and listened to the young pilot going through this crazy actual emergency. Watch the video to find out what happens. Did he bail out of the damaged glider with his parachute or did he somehow stay in the aircraft and do an emergency landing? I try to refly what this pilot ended up doing on this video and quickly chicken out. Thanks for watching. Bruno – B4

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF0tTzvU8IM&w=560&h=315]