Classic Cessna-Meeting les 1 et 2 septembre 2018

Posted on 08/07/2018


In 2016 we had a great Classic Cessna-Meeting at Wershofen airfield with six Bird Dogs flying as « Bird Dog Patrol » in formation. This was very impressiv and one of the highlights of our airshow (see attached pictures by Stefan Schmoll)!


In this year again there will be a Classic Cessna-Meeting as part of our Nostalgic Air-Picnic in Wershofen/Eifel, Germany (EDRV) on 1st/2nd Septembre 2018 ( It would be great, to meet you and your Bird Dog.


You’re welcome to participate with your plane at our Nostalgic Air-Picnic & Classic Cessna-Meeting. Don’t hesitate to register yourself at


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