Vidéo : une rue de nuages sur les montagnes de l’Utah

Posted on 04/01/2019


Follow along on a glider (sailplane) flight over the beautiful Utah mountains on a perfect spring day a few years back. The glider follows a line of clouds marking a likely convergence zone of two air masses allowing it to fly straight while gaining altitude over many miles. This footage is starts around Scofield reservoir to the east of Mount Pleasant and the cloud street then heads south over the Skyline Drive area of the Wasatch Plateau. The glider is an ASW27 15 meter sailplane. Some cloud streets allow for straight ahead flying even above 100 knots indicated air speeds, but this one was a weaker one in spring conditions and so I flew slower around 75 knots average to stay up near the clouds and not sink out. Was a very fun day! Thanks for watching. Bruno – B4