Mach Loop et Star Wars Canyon : deux « hotspots » de la photo d’avions

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Dafydd Phillips sur

As I’d been requested so many times on previous uploads it was time to put together a video showing my camera settings for the still shots. The photos have been shot over the last three years so a number of cameras have been used. The earlier photos with my faithful Canon 7d2 to my current Canon 1DX2. I did use a Canon 5D3 for a short period but missed the rapid shutter rate of the 7D2. My lens has pretty much been the same one for the last 4 years. I use a 300mm f2.8 for most all my low level aviation photos an interchange camera bodies from full frame to crop according to how close I think I may get to a plane and the type/size of plane. A 1.4 extender I find is an useful accessory for small or further away subjects For the videography I use two cameras. Firstly I use a Panasonic VX870 (4K) which is mounted to me lens. I appreciate I have had some comments about the shutter noise (clicking) on my videos from this. The second camera I use is a Panasonic VX980 (4K), I mount this on a tripod and try and capture some fixed shots of incoming aircraft. Occasionally I’ll get some tidy footage if the planes fly through my viewfinder. Failing that I’ll get the audio with reduced shutter noise. Win win 😎. Feel free to comment with any questions and I’ll try my best to answer them. To be notified of my regular uploads then follow the link below to my home page and press

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