Covid-19 et réglementation selon les pays en Europe

Coronavirus tackled in different ways throughout Europe

Source: IAOPA  Europe Enews April 2020

European states are tackling the Corona Virus very differently. A few states have regrettably banned VFR or GA flights. EASA is trying their best to help both commercial and GA pilots get through by allowing states to use exemptions to extend licenses, ratings and other deadlines that are hard to meet these days. At this point it seems states are implementing the provisions from EASA in different variations. Germany for instance is not allowing pilots to carry passengers when operating on an extension. Others states require a briefing from an instructor and/or seem to not have implemented a solution for all ratings. The national AOPAs are in dialogue with their national authorities to resolve the problems in each country.

An example is the way The Netherlands are tackling the problem within GA. This is the latest NOTAM and it basically says: you can fly, but only with your family members of alone. Unless of course the distance between you and the passenger(s) is more than 1,5 meter which is not the case in ‘normal’ GA aircraft. 

UNTIL 28 APR. 2020 (EST); SFC+
Covid-19: flight restrictions. In accordance with physical distancing measures covid-19 by local authorities based on directives ministries of health and justice, general aviation flights including aerial work with POB, other than household members, distance less than 1,5M are prohibited.
Police, HEMS and SAR flights are exempted.

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