Cantilever : l’ancêtre Junkers J 1

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L’ancêtre :

The J 1 was constructed and flown only 12 years after the Wright Brothers had first flown the « Flyer I » biplane in December 1903. On 12 December 1915, the aircraft made its brief maiden flight, flown by Leutnant Theodor Mallinckrodt of FEA 1, during which an altitude of almost 3 m (9.8 ft) was reached. Greater altitudes and performance was achieved during subsequent flights. By the end of January 1916, Junkers had been given a contract to further develop his all-metal concept, and the later Junkers J 2 single-seat fighter, which would never see frontline service, was the follow-on to the J 1. It is believed that the Junkers J 1 was not flown again after January 1916. In 1926, it was placed on static display at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. During December 1944, the J 1 was destroyed during an Allied strategic bombing raid on the city.