EASA, licence et heures de vol ULM

Posted on 10/06/2020 by




The AMC clarifies that a pilot flying any aeroplane or sailplane listed in Annex I can credit the hours to his/her personal account for the validation of his EASA license – LAPL A, PPL A and associated class ratings. This simply means that also hours flown on single engine piston aeroplanes below the mass thresholds of (e) in Annex I can be used to validate an EASA FCL based PPL A or LAPL A and its ratings. It took many years to convince the regulatory system that hours flown on aeroplanes that are generally called microlights require the identical skills and airmanship as traditional SEP aeroplanes. With this AMC the regulator and the Authorities of the Member States have acknowledged the contribution of the microlight movement and development to the improvement of Aviation safety.