Geely Terrafugia TF-2A eVTOL

Posted on 08/07/2020 by


Geely Terrafugia TF-2A has the following performance parameters and characteristics:

  • With 8 lift-propellers and 1 cruise-propeller, it can take off and land vertically without a runway;
  • The payload is 200 kg [440 lb], which can carry 2 passengers and accompanying luggage; the maximum range is 100 km [62 statute miles], the cruising speed can reach 180 km/h (112 mph); it can cover most of the city radius, and it can meet the needs of air travel between adjacent cities.
  • Pure electric power design: compared with traditional helicopters and other aircraft, it has lower operating costs, a lower noise profile, is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and has higher safety redundancy;
  • Equipped with an international top-tier flight control system, it will gradually iterate to autonomous flight in the future;