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Upcoming Events 2024 – a full year of events for you!
Stay tuned for updates and trip details
**please note these are subject to change****
29.-30.06.2024   Fly Out Champagne LFSW – cancelled**
04.-07.07.2024   Aerosport Fly Out Ardeche**
06.-07.07.2024   Fly In EBZW**06.-07.07.2024   Fly in EHHO**
20./21.07.2024   Fly-In Aero-Club Saar 75th anniversary in EDRC**
22.-28.07.2024   Oshkosh**
17.-18.08.2024   Oldtimer Fly and Drive in Schaffen-Diest**
21.09.2024          AOPA+Aerosport Rally**
2025 – Air Days – is in the works!**
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Check out the FAL events here
Please let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions or recommendations for flyouts by emaliing us at