Russie: un Airbus ACJ contourne les sanctions


Serious questions are being asked after an Airbus ACJ320neo private jet worth over $110m has been spotted in Russia wearing a newly allocated Russian civil aircraft registration. This is despite strict EU and US sanctions restraining the export of foreign aircraft imposed on the country following its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.  

The aircraft involved is based on the Airbus A320neo passenger aircraft although it is the business jet variant, known as the Airbus Corporate Jet A320neo, or the ACJ320neo. The type has a range of 6,937 miles (11,100km) and can fly for up to 13 hours with 25 passengers on board without refueling.  

According to ch-aviation, there are currently just nine of these unique aircraft anywhere in the world, and this particular example has become the first of the type to be operated in Russia. The aircraft wears the Russian registration RA-73889 and is reportedly owned by a Russian businessman called Zarakh Iliev. 


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