La liste des Rotax volés

Posted on 15/09/2017


Voir la liste sur le document :SL-912-013 R11_SL-914-011 R11_SL-2ST-007 R11_LIST OF STOLEN ROTAX ENGINES TYPE 912 AND 914 (SERIES) AND 2-STROKE AIRCRAFT ENGINES (2)

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List of stolen ROTAX® Engines of
Type 912 and 914 (Series) and 2
Aircraft Engines


This is the list of all known stolen engines: current as of September 4th, 2017.

If there is any suspicion concerning the origin of an engine, a check of the following list or an inquiry at the ROTAX® Authorized Distributor or their independent Service Centers is recommended.

NOTE: The report of a stolen engine or type plate should be done directly at the ROTAX®Authorized Distributor or their independent Service Centers who will forward the information to ROTAX®.