Raccourcir le temps de contrôle des passagers dans les aéroports

Extrait de The Ecomonist

As for keeping an eye on people crossing borders, systems being developed for use at airports might find wider use. One idea is a single digital travel “token” to speed people through airport terminals, even on multiple legs of a journey. A prototype of such a system has been developed by sita Lab, a Swiss technology group owned by the airline industry.

In sita’s system the token resides on a traveller’s mobile phone and represents encrypted travel documents, passport details and other information. Whenever the traveller arrives at a checkpoint or is stopped by an official, the app is used to generate a
QR code. That code is then scanned to confirm the traveller’s details. These are held in a database secured, as might be expected, by blockchain. Regular commuters across land borders could carry similar tokens on their mobile devices.

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