Approche circulaire

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Ideally, we would like to stay as far out as possible while not exceeding our protected airspace. For category A aircraft, the limit is 1.3 nautical miles. To help me judge this distance I like to use the runway as a ruler. I check the runway length as published and since I know a nautical mile is about 6000 feet, I now have sort of a ruler right in front of me as I approach the airport. I mentally move the approach end of the runway ninety degrees out towards the base leg turn and then pick a landmark there that I intend to fly over. It’s nice if the runway happens to be 6000 feet long but no problem if it’s not. You just need to add a little for a 5000-foot runway or add ½ if it’s a 4000-foot runway.

Having picked a spot to fly over to be in a good position for the base leg has lots of advantages